Order Tracking by order, product
or consignment

Traders and service providers can track orders and shipping details from placement through to delivery right down to product level and orders can be split across consignments if needed. Alerts can be set to ensure timely action by relevant service providers.

Manage deliveries

Take control of the start and end of the freight chain by creating delivery notes for each shipment leg and recording final receipt details including split deliveries where applicable. Datafiles may be extracted to integrate with carters' systems.

Access from anywhere

FreightShare is a fully web-based app so enjoy the convenience by being able to connect to it from anywhere with an internet connection and browser using Windows, Mac, iPad or Android.

Co-operate with your partners

Involve your service providers and clients to create a fully integrated system that provides many mutual benefits through a team environment rather than having lots of detached, individual systems.

Share rather than replicate data

Work more efficiently by taking advantage of the improved accuracy and faster processes obtained by sharing data and documents with your partners. Use the copy and paste facilities built into FreightShare to further improve productivity.

Connect to border agencies

Meet the increasingly demanding compliance requirements of today’s global trading environment through EDI facilities built into FreightShare to seamlessly connect with governmental departments and other electronic gateway services.

NZ Trade Single Window ( TSW )

Customs Brokers/Forwarders

Use the New Zealand government’s Trade Single Window ( TSW ) system as both a fast EDI gateway and for the lodgement of integrated import/export declarations and cargo reports for NZCS and MPI and reap the full benefits only available through FreightShare.


Make the most of a simple yet smart method of compiling import declarations directly from your purchase orders and/or your supplier’s invoices. Get a landed cost analysis for each product ready to integrate into your inventory system.


If you need quick, uncomplicated export clearances and/or some supporting export documentation then FreightShare will suit you. If your customers are also registered in FreightShare then they can share your data for their tracking and import purposes.




Transfer your sales invoices and costs invoices (bills) from FreightShare to Xero and attach documents. Import costs, ie taxes and duties, are automatically included and for importers, the bill can be detailed at inventory item level.


Power BI

Power BI

Analyse and query your FreightShare data any way you want with this new Microsoft product. You don’t need to be an IT geek to use this tool and results can be presented in a variety of attractive and meaningful formats.

Getting Started

Enjoy a free trial* of FreightShare from date of registration until the end of the following month

Register your business (at no cost) by clicking the Register button above and start using FreightShare immediately. Traders and export freight forwarders typically have free use of FreightShare!
Refer to Terms of Use to see what functions of FreightShare incur a fee and the credit card payment** terms.


Relax in the knowledge that FreightShare runs in the cloud on the very robust and secure platform provided by Microsoft Azure and that reliability, security and confidentiality are paramount in the design and implementation of all components of the system.

* Consignments are created for free and no credit card is required until the end of the trial period. Other functions may incur a fee. Refer to Terms of Use for details
** Credit card details are securely stored and processed by Payment Express, a trustworthy and well-established electronic payment system

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